discover the winning path  for your initiative.

Our team of public relations, communications and cause specialists develop strategic plans customized to achieve results for your business.

The process starts with solid research, message development and team building followed by execution via grassroots mobilization, community activism, mass media outreach and advertising. By understanding what motivates your audience, we tap into a vast network of advocates to ensure that your message is heard. 



What you say and how you say it is critical to your success. A winning message excites and mobilizes your base, raises awareness, and grows support for your cause.

Strategic Advocacy will work with your company to develop that winning message, based on solid research and the values and concerns of those you must in uence. We will identify the most effective spokespersons to advance your cause, and help hone their skills to ensure they appeal to your targets and remain disciplined in their message delivery.


A diverse and well-run coalition is impossible to ignore. A strong coalition of political, grassroots, policy and industry leaders can be the difference between winning and losing.

Strategic Advocacy will tap into its vast network of state and national leaders to identify and recruit individuals with the knowledge, skills and relationships to help engage your targets and advance your cause.



Many voices speak louder than one. Strategic Advocacy can amplify those voices and force your targets to pay attention. 

Strategic Advocacy will identify and deploy high level Grasstops leaders to personally engage key decision makers with a fact-based narrative that advocates the need for action. These will be troops on the ground ready to go for your cause. We will also activate a grassroots network to rally for change, pack hearing rooms, ood e-mail inboxes, and help spread your message from the bottom up.  


The use of paid media can significantly expand gains made through effective messaging, coalition and grassroots activities and mass media outreach.

Strategic Advocacy’s in-house team of specialists provide clients with a wide range of paid media options strategically tailored to the target audiences your message must reach to win. Issue campaigns have been won or lost based on how well a message is advertised. Through the clever use of direct mail, and television, radio, newspaper and internet advertising, we can continue to grow support for your cause. 


To maximize your chance for success, you must make news, not just react to it. 

A strategic public relations effort must include a low cost/high gain strategy that capitalizes from print, television, radio and social media opportunities. Generating earned, mass media hits that advance your cause can change minds and win influence.

Strategic Advocacy will call upon its relationships with the press, and develop and execute mass media campaigns that incorporate op-eds, letters to the editors, talk radio interviews, TV news spots, editorial board meetings, high- impact press conferences and innovative tools to ensure your message owns news cycles.